Labaran duniya

Girl arfat encounters violence

I am the son of God.” She said, “I have come to you. I put on my hijab and went up straight and came back. For a long time my dad and I would keep quiet and then I would say I came out and Daddy and I went to their house. Bamutashiba then told us to go and pray

Even if I did not say my prayers, my father sew, sew Enter my room number fu ad talatsa and then she says Hello my dear dafatan you are praying smile and then she says thank you my phone I’m looking forward to it.

I’m thinking of something. I always know that I’m lying to God. Fu ad or they hung up the phone. God help me answer with a smile. He thought of calling Arfat again, but my wife’s phone rang.

He wanted to greet her but he could not enter her room and he turned around like an egg that has exploded in his stomach. He took the milk and went out and sat down in front of him. The word she does not want to get between them is a great sin.

Itama goes to bed before she falls asleep. She gives her heart a break with the thought of her husband Sulaiman, who is inexperienced in her life. When she saw him, she was terrified, but she fell asleep.

Since there was no prayer, she got up in the morning, washed herself, prayed, then straightened her body and went back to bed. When they were in the sixth parlor, Hajiya and Daddy were pushing the twins in their toy cars.

They were walking around the room laughing. In her eyes, he could only see the squirrel in her eyes sitting next to Hajiya. “Morning Dad,” he smiled and said, “My mother is better than anyone else. Get up and pay your respects.” “

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