He stretched out his arms and started to move the tree quetarn.

When he finished eating, his heart was full of thoughts. The mosque of Yanufa performed ablution and prayed. After getting ready to go to school, she went to see My and Ddy and drove her car.

Schl Fu ad or he was praying. He started greeting friends and relatives until Isha I was called. He greeted him and said good night to Hajiya. Then he pulled out his bag and started throwing presents at them.

After praising everyone, Yasami GU sat down. She got up and said, “Fatima, shut up.” She said, “Fatima, shut up.” She knocked on the door and said, “Fatima, I am your son. You are my son. You are my son. You are my mother.

You are my son. You are my son.” Then he said, “Chickens, don’t be silly.” Then he said, “Chicken, empty eggs, empty eggs.” Then he left. I have been waiting for you since the evening. He smiled and said, “I am coming back.”

So, abbah, you are saying that you are choosing the supreme Fu. You are looking at Fatima. As soon as he saw her, he remembered the key to my car and said, “Open the door or open it.” She said, “Thank you, abba.”

She jumped out of the car and saw Fu’s car. She kept going until Fati came back. I went to her room and kissed her. Fatima also entered the room and the toilet was empty. In the morning, NASA Fati took care of your area and passed by. She got up and went to her room.

He hurriedly picked up his phone and started writing the test. He was very patient. He said, “Please tell me.” Saida raised her voice and took Shiko by surprise. He said, “God’s faithfulness be upon you.”

nurse Fu ad says my twins are mine (Niko says me or Aysha Bayero). She laughed and said, “They miss you.” A heartbreaker said, “I’ll miss them for a month. I’m very cold. I’m cold now. How come after we are not together? Here we are.

Hmm, who do you want Najiki to work for? They run and I can’t figure it out.

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