I have been waiting for you since the evening.

Then say it slowly. Keep it up. Your words are hard to hear. I can’t stand your loss. I can’t hear you for a month. I can’t see you with anyone else. I’m in trouble. I’m jealous of a woman. I’m happy. I love you. I love you. God willing, I married you.

Today, one day, the boy returned to work. He was getting ready in the morning. After he had finished, he left. Forget about home and rejuvenate yourself. Do your best to worship God. I will perform Hajj, insha’Allah.

One takes a bath and goes to the supermarket. Arfat sells a lot of shoes. take hello my dear bye i am missing you I don’t know how I lost my mind Arfat says her phone is ready. What kind of bath will she have? What will she do tomorrow? The next day she hit the car.

She found Marsala. The door to Fuad’s house was opened. She started to cook the food and then she went to the parlor. After cleaning the room, she also fixed it. She tossed it in ice and raised it. Jok turned it upside down.

I ate couscous and green beans for cabbage. She put it in a plate. takanna Mayan kallo ta kukunkunana Ac tako i tanemi GU ta garde Fuad even in the morning hi yamawa su hajiya farewell The doorbell rang and the landlord opened it.

Greeted Gun Fuad and said, “Welcome to the parking lot.” Fuad didn’t expect anyone in the house, so he opened the door and the guard put away his belongings. He went to Fuad and opened the door. She hugged him and hugged him too. They kissed each other and then they parted.

Fuad smiled and said, “That’s me, even though I don’t know my hair.” After eating, they came back to the chair. When he chased her lips, he sucked on her lips and grabbed Amman. i itako

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