I must have been with my friends

The real reason I am so proud to have a good and very dear friend

There is no way that Hameed did not give her Special joy a long time. She did it twice. Tired, she said she had stopped drinking.

He also said that he had stopped planning. so that she may rest. But Hameed’s situation is frightening since she weaned them. Nawwas’ milk did not stop flowing.

He thought that if she did not breastfeed, she would not be as embarrassed as if she had killed Hajiya and Daddy.

she hqr she nursed how she nursed their father easily one of his temptations is reduced now let him play .

games this is done all night even though he has nothing to do with night or day unless he is feeling special.

Especially one of them has moved to California so Nawwas and Nawwarah school and the younger ones picked up what they raised from 9ja.

Everything that a woman gets from her husband Umaimah gets more and more because Hameed left her in charge of all his property and opened a big shopping mall in Maiduguri and Kano for her.

I am going to Istanbul. When they returned from Istanbul, she was shocked to learn that Salma’s death had been caused by a car accident.

Umaimah fir Hameed said that he would no longer trust a man, especially a woman who said that a man is evil.

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