love and sweet girl

After two days, Arfat left for school. She was fine. She was sitting with her friends. They were taxiing. She gave me a lecture. Owk bakomi Yauwa, I said, when are you going to stay? Karkadamu, I will have time here

. They said goodbye. Early in the morning, Arfat went to school. She laughed and said, “I don’t have a lecture. OK, I don’t want to wear this big hijab like the wife of a teacher.” one month i will be one month you will not be long wlh i will miss you Karkidamu like today e.

Zandawo Toshikenan Allah kaika lpy yauwa haka nakesonji farinshiki Na nan yakara matsota Son of God karkiyi young man She said, “I don’t have a problem. Then he handed me another pant and said, ‘Don’t ask.’ He stretched out his arms and started to move the tree quetarn.

He heard her say that she was happy. She was very happy. I laughed. Then I laughed and then I sat down. Then I lifted myself up. Dasauri said, “You are like the one I told you I was going to die for.

I was dying.” He said, “I’m sorry. Tafwa toilet tawanke piskanta Dawowa came back and found him lying on the floor. She said she heard a saga.

Fadawa rolled her eyes and covered herself with a blanket, except for the ones that the Saudi tatureshi had raised. He stopped and looked at her.

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