My business life in India is more exciting

Stretching out, she went into her room and calmed down. He also watched Nawwas and Nawwarah crying for a while as the children played with his chest hair and laughed at him like Nawwas and his father to the point of being six Shuraif.

He took it, he saw it, he held out his hand to it, he passed it, he did not get angry, the next morning he came back to pick up Umaimah, when he was one of the children.

Do not confuse me in your heart. How can I not separate from Umaimah? It is not destiny and I am the one who has intercourse with her. This is the only thing that will stop you from returning to Umaimah because I want her life to be happy.

Hameed, if Umaimah is your destiny, it will come back to you, but after the earth closes my eyes, because in my life, a woman is hurting me. If you do not harm Umaimah, I will not live. Umaimah has always wanted to be happy with her.

Hameed, when I die, I do not want Umaimah to marry another black man because I am jealous of her and I know you will hold my son because you have faith and love their mother. ” He smiled and hugged the children.

He said, “Umaimah must cry.” Boda has lost a good husband, but I know he will not love her more and I will do my best to make her happier than the one who wants her.

I will hold your children like mine until the end of my life. The boy, since he was not shocked by the death of Solomon, or by the death of his two sons, did not tell him all about Solomon’s death, especially when he looked at the children and said, “

Now he wants to live with them. Does God accept his life?” Why on earth do good people not last long? “He asked himself, calming the sleeping children by his side.

He was crying for Solomon and asking God to give him good manners and good manners like Solomon.

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