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No, because I have not memorized the Qur’an yet

In my sleep, I feel like I’m being called. i’m dady lpy arfat i’m momy lpy lo you just woke up smiling and she said mmy i’m sorry i’m sick Ayyah dasaukiday now ddynr is asking her a simple.

God willing, they all answered with a smile on my face. No problem, Toshikenan Arfat, God bless you, get up and eat whatever your mother has to do with it. An emergency call is pressed and the call is answered.

Hello sweet ykk shut up and tell me that sweetheart is quiet and I don’t care if you don’t say anything but I’m not sorry. Chan’s voice trailed off and he said. Dankinawanka is the one who will take my phone wlh bahakabane bagashi nadaukaba in two minutes.

Dip takace ran fu ad yabaci ss yama zatakashemin call like tai takirani call again and he said nizakimawa humiliation aa banacemaka sory ba He smiled for two days and then said, “For two days, I love you. Arfat, I love you.

I can’t live without you.” entertaining tongues salute tanagama wannak she goes wearing a towel her job is to wash her hair and then she hugs and picks up a dress and a pair of pink pink maroon white dish tadau far in gale menat bats and lpy mamine takiran takefadamin hmm mmy filter and filter bazanhanaki z My mother greeted me, but I put on my hijab.

Then Arfat said, “My son is talking to you. I am going to talk to you. I’m going to go to Arfat’s house. I’m going to go to Arfat’s house.” Tomorrow you will not be able to see Fu ad. You will not be able to see Fu ad. It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel like a cleric. It’s like waking him up from his thoughts. Sweet, he thinks you’re smiling.

What are you doing? She is not a big girl. unplug her phone and turn it off. Meenat Tagani Dasauri raised her eyebrows and said, “Looking at the wealth of the Fulani people, it is not a matter of chan holding his hand. He has a heart attack and praises it.” Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

Trying to cross the line, she said, “Lalalalah fu ad gasky, I can’t hear you.” Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. I will not allow you to commit adultery. It will be difficult for me to confess soon. I am impressed and I want to live with you. I am also a girl. He is here. They are covered with a blanket.

he remembers the kind of Mayan and arfat kedashi that will make me answer if a woman is resting Dan will always be hairy

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