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The accident was on the way to town

Slowly she crossed the street straight and entered the long line in front of her, looking at the length of the line despite the large population of the dode there was no one as if it had been swept away.

The man put his hand on his head and said, “Wake up, God. Slow down.” She continued walking like a gentleman.

God willing, she was able to reach their house through the window, because the lace on her body was sewn into a dress and a skirt and her long sleeved hijab was too hot to match with a bag and a swagger bag wrapped around her shoulders.

After a long journey she arrived at the door of their house, which was a group of poor houses. Catching up in an apron, a young man stared at her, only to be confused by the way they stood, and pretended not to see them because of the habit of climbing.

She said, “Welcome back, Antyn.” “Hello, my dear,” she replied, not praising him. “Aaron, you’re really making fun of me. Why don’t you always have the same goal as this woman? What do you mean, I don’t understand?”

kulu because I greet your sister, and you know she is kind wlh, mother father knowledge and calm “” full of trouble riding her eyes “iyeee, then if you go back to her is Aaron, in front of me you will praise a mother and She lost her parents in a year ago? ”

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