Labaran duniya

Unemployment is a big problem in our country

Hajiya noticed his attention and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. He was frightened and regained consciousness. He calmed down and said, “Give the twins their food.

Umaimatu took a bath and came out dressed in small clothes. He combed his hair, which was covered in chocolate. Umaimah was alone in the parlor holding a small Qur’an in her hand.

He looked at her for a long time before she raised her eyes and said, “
Where are my children prepared?” She did not return to him until the evening when he came across Hajiya Sa’adatu, the twins’ grandmother and Nazir Sulaiman, who looked very much like Sulaiman.

In the parlor, Umaimah on the other side was talking to Nazir. He was losing his job in Abuja. He took Nawwas by the hand and said in a low voice, “Oyoyo, my love, I have been missing you for a long time. My work is hidden from me.”

dak “Sulaiman is very strong and he says he wants to marry Umaimah,” he said. I hurt him openly and he said, “God, don’t tempt me to lose bloody again this time. God knows best what I am going through. Destroy me.”

He spent nine days in Kano and returned to California. Monday was the day that Umaimah completed her widowhood to Solomon, unlike the widow of today. The next morning, Hameed entered the city full of joy, but he stopped at the gate and saw a strange car in Umaimah’s yard.

She was wearing her hijab. Bori just climbed up and helped her get married since Sulaiman wullah beat him all up and she laughed and avoided saying “this boy you despise me so much you look good you see I am a product?”

They laughed driven he came out of the car he opened it for him He looked at her and his eyes were glued to each other, even though he was in the glass in front of her. …….

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